Thursday, 28 January 2016

Cherish - More than Words Challenge

How exciting to see a new Scrap Challenge site begin at the start of the year.  Super talented artists for inspiration and a cracker of a topic for January.  There's still a couple of days left to get your scrap on.
You can check it out at :- 
The challenge is to scrap a Selfie and use the word
Personality in some way.

I have tried to take a selfie, but in the interests of preventing visual pollution have refrained from using it here!   I’ve never been comfortable having my photo taken; much prefer to be on 
the business end of the camera.
This one, with my Grand daughter I do like, possibly because my eyes were shut and I was unaware it was being taken!
As for my personality, that’s tricky too.  
Introverted, but not so much when I get to know someone.
Adventurous, especially when it comes to travel. 
Impetuous at times, but can over think decisions to the point of nausea.  
 A bit of a control freak, except with the Grandchildren, 
when I adopt my Mother's mantra. She used to say.
"You catch more flies with honey, than you do with vinegar"
Glass half full kinda gal, after some harsh life lessons.
Music lover, especially classical music.
Bibliophile and sleep deprived because of it.
Bower bird of the scrap supplies variety. 
The background paper is by Blue Fernthe Ombre Collection, Susan's dream.  Its sturdy enough to take all the mixed media you want to throw at it.
I think every child needs a Guardian Angel 
to guard and guide them through life.
The one I used is from Seriously Scrapbooking.
  The die is from Prima as are the stamps, the crystals & the lace flower.
Love the effect with the crackle paste on Blue Fern Chipboard.